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Pawan Anjana

Pawan Anjana , born in 2001 in Anuradhapura , Sri Lanka , is a versatile artist with a multidisciplinary approach . He is not only an award-winning poet but also a writer, artist, and illustrator . His creative pursuits extend to graphic design, book cover design, type design, and filmmaking, where he has crafted short films and a telefilm .

Currently, Pawan Anjana is a dedicated student at the University of Peradeniya , pursuing studies in film and TV . In 2020, he achieved a signifi cant milestone with the publication of his debut poetry book, ‘Sulanga Thuru Agissaka , ’ which garnered the Best Poetry Manuscript Award at the Northcentral Arts Festival in Sri Lanka . Following this success, his second book, ‘Walakulu Nimnayata Enna , ’ secured the Best Poetry Manuscript Award in the Godage Manuscript Competition in 2022. Remarkably, this work has been nominated for “The Vidyodaya Literature Awards 2023” and “Godage Literature Awards 2023” in Sri Lanka .

Pawan’s diverse talents also include type design, with the creation of more than 10 Sinhala fonts . A dditionally, he has lent his artistic touch to the design of over 150 book covers for various local and international publications .

Pawan Anjana’s accolades further include the prestigious Best Book Cover Designer award at the State Literary Festival Sri Lanka in 2023 .